Dreamlog: 20140907

I started a fun activity a couple months ago of writing a dream log. I had read that jotting down notes about dreams right after waking was the best way to remember details, before the dream foam dissipates and you’re left with with that half finished thought feeling.

I had sloughed off for awhile, but had a doozy of a dream this morning, so I dusted off the log to capture it and figured it was the perfect story to share… Enjoy.


The horrific sequel to 9/11. A normal weekday spiraled into chaos as word spread that we were under attack and it was widespread, across the US. Reports of movie theater bombings turned into wild speculation that fueled the anxiety.

For some strange reason, I had taken a train to get to another facility for work. There was work being done where people exit the trains, so we had to literally step over workers and unfinished work areas. As I was leaving the platform, people were huddled around monitors and smartphones to get news. As reports and rumors of various attacks flooded in, people were recalling 9/11 and discussing current events, as well as fearing the worst and showing obvious concern for loved ones in the areas on the news.

In the blur of activity and emotions, someone noticed a train travelling very fast outside and before many of us could act, it began to derail and send train cars crashing in all directions and hurtling towards the train terminal, which is where I still was.

While I tried to decide where to run, I felt as though I was restrained by an imaginary seatbelt and couldn’t move, so I unwillingly stood there and watched the disaster unfold.

The last part I recall was sensing impending doom and turning to run as a derailed train car was smashing through the glass windows of the train terminal.

Odd events:

– News anchor Robin Roberts was present. Not as a TV celebrity, but as another person, in the terminal. The one thing that really stuck out about her was that in the hubbub of events, she was comforting people with tears streaming down her face… Somewhat like an angel.

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