Dreamlog: 20141011

The granules are evaporating, so details are going to be fuzzy, but here goes…

Roaming around the parts bin in a normal factory and I run into a co-worker who’s got some contraption in his hands and proceeds to explain it’s purpose: drone lawn mower. Coolest Idea Ever.

The rest of my dream is talking to other people who have thought of this and tried their hand, with mixed results.

One fella is slightly hellbent on perfecting lawnmowers in general. One iteration is a moving dolly with mower attached. Poor ergonomics are to be it’s downfall, as the first lawn lump causes the operator to fall head over mower.

After reading this post, it’s seems rather mundane, until one sees a lawn mower drone in action (in a dream)… Then it’s the stuff dreams are made of.

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