I’ve been blogging off and on for a number of years.  It started with great ambitions and high hopes and has seemingly come full-circle.  My old site, Blogging As Therapy, became just that… a place for me to share myself and silently look for help.  While therapeutic in the sense that I got out things I may have otherwise buried, it did little to get me where I wanted and needed to be, emotionally.  That had to be done in the real world and required help from real people, which I thankfully searched out, found and embraced.  If you’re curious what an online therapy couch may look like, feel free to check out the old site.  I feel it was well written and will remain as a place I go back to for retrospect and memories.

While I still plan on sharing myself, I feel that I’m in a better place and want to start in a new, more light-hearted direction.  My hope is that this evolves into a diverse collection of my random musings and personal foibles.  When I said that I feel I’ve come full-circle, my original intentions (when I started the old blog) were just to get a presence online and make a point to post on a regular basis and that’s where I seem to have found myself again, considering my last post on the old site (before my closing post today) was dated Dec 27th, 2013.

OK, with history and current events out of the way, “What’s in a name?”  I didn’t want to use my screen name and wasn’t about to pigeonhole myself into a topic, so at 5:30 AM and as WordPress nixed my suggestions, one after another, that name sprang to life from sleep-crusted eyes, creativity and the slightest hint of desperation.  Can you believe someone actually has the name “bloggieblogblog”?!?!  So, slap some zeros in place of “O’s” and that’s where “bl0ggiebl0gbl0g” comes from.  Until told otherwise, I’m still calling it “Bloggie Blog Blog”, because I can and I like demonstrating a “can do” attitude.

For newcomers, let me welcome you.  For followers, thanks for keeping up and keeping me moving forward.


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